Court Bookings and Fees

All court bookings are made though the professionals. Members may make up to a maximum of three court bookings ahead. In the case of full members, at least one of these bookings must be off-peak.

Cancellations must be notified to the professionals by no later that mid-day two days before the day of the booking, e.g. on the 1st if your booking is on the 3rd. Failure to do so will result in the member concerned being liable for the relevant court fee.

The professionals will use their best endeavours to secure an opponent for any singles booking. In the event that they are unable to do so they will notify the member concerned as quickly as possible. In the case of last-minute cancellations or “no-shows” the professionals will usually offer to stand-in and play in lieu of an opponent (chargeable to the offending member).

Unless the players agree in advance to the contrary, the results of all singles matches will be recorded on Real Tennis Online and count for handicapping purposes. The professionals will usually mark for the last ten minutes of each game. If they are requested and available, the professionals will also mark for the whole of a booking, for a fee.

Doubles court fees are lower for each player, and juniors enjoy an overall discount for both singles and doubles. There is also a small saving if the lights are not used. Members’ guests pay an additional fee (again reduced for juniors).

Please contact the professionals for up-to-date details of the current fees.

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