Rules and Etiquette

All members, guests and visitors are required to comply with the club rules at all times, and also with the etiquette and rules of tennis. The following should be observed in particular:

  • All players should arrive at the court in plenty of time to be ready to play promptly. Avoidable late arrival is discourteous and disruptive to the other player(s).
  • All players must wear recognised tennis clothing on court, which must be predominantly white. The only exception is tracksuits during warm-up.
  • All players should obey tennis etiquette while on court, e.g. salute at the start of each match, and when changing ends allow the player at the hazard end to move to the service end first.
  • Mobile phones must remain switched off at all times on court, in the dedans, and in the corridor alongside the court. The only exception is for members of the emergency services when on duty.
  • Please be quiet while in the dedans and generally considerate to those on court. In particular, when the court is closed to the public, wait until the players change ends before walking alongside the court.

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