General Information

The Royal Tennis Court is a private members' club. The club is constituted as a private company limited by guarantee. All members of the club are automatically members of the registered company. The club is run by a Board of Directors elected by the members.

Comfortable Club Rooms, including a dining room with kitchen facilities and a secluded walled garden, are available to members and guests. The club rooms are available for hire by members. The club has an active policy of arranging a number of social events throughout the year. Day-to-day tennis activities at the club are arranged by the Head Professional and his assistants. The professional team arranges a wide range of tournaments to suit all playing standards.

Court Bookings and Fees

All court bookings are made though the professionals. Members may make up to a maximum of three court bookings ahead. In the case of full members, at least one of these bookings must be off-peak.

Cancellations must be notified to the professionals by no later than mid-day two days before the day of the booking, eg on the 1st if your booking is on the 3rd. Failure to do so will result in the member concerned being liable for the relevant court fee.

The professionals will use their best endeavours to secure an opponent for any singles booking. In the event that they are unable to do so they will notify the member concerned as quickly as possible. In the case of last-minute cancellations or "no-shows" the professionals will usually offer to stand-in and play in lieu of an opponent (chargeable to the offending member).

Unless the players agree in advance to the contrary, the results of all singles matches will be recorded on Real Tennis Online and count for handicapping purposes. The professionals will usually mark for the last ten minutes of each game. If they are requested and available, the professionals will also mark for the whole of a booking, for a fee.

Doubles court fees are lower for each player, and juniors enjoy an overall discount for both singles and doubles. There is also a small saving if the lights are not used. Members' guests pay an additional fee (again reduced for juniors).

Please contact the professionals for up-to-date details of the current fees.

Rules and Etiquette

All members, guests and visitors are required to comply with the club rules at all times, and also with the etiquette and rules of tennis. The following should be observed in particular:

  • All players should arrive at the court in plenty of time to be ready to play promptly. Avoidable late arrival is discourteous and disruptive to the other player(s).
  • All players must wear recognised tennis clothing on court, which must be predominantly white. The only exception is tracksuits during warm-up.
  • All members should keep the club rooms tidy. Please use the changing rooms for changing and sports bags.
  • All players should obey tennis etiquette while on court, eg salute each other at the start of each match, and, when changing ends allow the player at the hazard end to move to the service end first.
  • Mobile phones must remain switched off at all times in the environs of the court.
  • Please be quiet while in the dedans and generally considerate to those on court. When the court is closed to the public, out of courtesy to the players, please wait until the players change ends before walking alongside the court.
  • Forcing for the dedans from in front of hazard second gallery is deemed dangerous.
  • The Royal Tennis Court has a proud tradition of maintaining the highest standards of behaviour and sportsmanship on and off the court. Should a member fail to uphold these standards the Board retains the right to review their membership.

Car Parking and Entry

By agreement with Hampton Court Palace, those playing are allowed to park their cars in the main palace car park free of charge. To prevent abuse of this arrangement, the car park attendants may ask members to give their names, so that these may be checked against a list provided by the professionals. Entry to the court is via Tennis Court Lane (when players are usually required to undergo a name check at the security barrier).

Support the Game

As part of its strategy for supporting the game, it is the club's policy to encourage members to join the Tennis and Rackets Association and the Ladies Real Tennis Association. Ask the professionals for details, or contact the T&RA at:

The Queen's Club
Palliser Road
W14 9EQ

and the LRTA at:

White Cottage
31, Victoria Avenue
Hayling Island
PO11 9AJ