17th July, 2014

Edmond/Gregory/Levy (Team 3) beat Frost/Wright & Day* (sub)/Daly (Team 4), 10/4


Simon Edmond beat Robert Frost 6/3
Justin Gregory lost to Paul Wright 3/6
Scott Levy beat Martin Daly 6/3


Edmond/Gregory beat Frost/Day 6/3
Edmond/Levy beat Frost/Daly 6/4
Gregory/Levy beat Day/Daly 6/1

* Paul Wright had to leave after his singles match because of a family emergency; Michael Day kindly took his place for the doubles.


10th July, 2014

Goss/Saunders/Dagnall (Team 1) lost to Frost/Wright/Daly (Team 4), 5/9


Stephen Goss beat Robert Frost 6/5
Owen Saunders lost to Paul Wright 1/6
John Dagnall lost to Martin Daly 3/6


Goss/Saunders lost to Frost/Wright 4/6
Goss/Dagnall beat Frost/Daly 6/1
Saunders/Dagnall lost to Wright/Daly 1/6

Frost/Wright/Daly (Team 4) will play Edmond/Gregory/Levy (Team 3) in the final.